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ReThink Red Deer ( )


The Sustainable Red Deer Society (operating as ReThink Red Deer) is dedicated to enhancing the long term quality of life in Red Deer and surrounding area. This group searches out and shares ideas that inspire citizens to make and create sustainable consumer choices - global in awareness, local in application.

Members believe that we are citizens first and consumers second; that our world is finite and borrowed from future generations; that we can live sustainably and in harmony with nature; and that inspiration is a renewable resource.

ReThink Red Deer coordinates its action around four key principles:

1) Smart Urban Planning

2) Protecting and Enhancing Natural Assets

3) Zero Waste

4) Reinvigorating the Democratic Process

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Activities: Capacity Building Direct activities Informal Education & Public Awareness Mass advocacy Media advocacy Network Development Public Participation Research
Geographic Scope: Regional
Charity Type: No charitable status
Incorporation Type: Provincial Non-Profit Society
Year Founded: 2007
Members: 200
Staff: 0
Volunteers: 12