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Stewards of Alberta's Protected Areas Association (SAPAA)


Goals & Objectives

  1. To establish a network of Volunteer Stewards to exchange information and expertise and to provide mutual assistance and support.
  2. To promote the preservation protection and restoration of the ecological integrity of Alberta's Protected Areas.
  3. To promote the use of Alberta's Protected Areas for educational and research purposes, and for non-intrusive, nature-oriented activities compatible with each individual site.
  4. To identify common issues of concern in Alberta's Protected Areas for the purpose of dealing with them more effectively and comprehensively.
  5. To work with appropriate government departments and with other groups and agencies to resolve issues regarding actions and activities that affect Alberta's Protected Areas.
  6. To represent members of the Association at meetings of stakeholders and in events, issues and situations that affect Alberta's Protected Areas.
  7. To increase and enhance public awareness of the value of Protected Areas and of the volunteer Stewards' role in preserving these areas.
  8. To support knowledge and skill development for Stewards and supporters of the Association through conferences, workshops, seminars and publications.
Activities: Direct activities Network Development Public Participation
Geographic Scope: Provincial
Charity Type: No charitable status
Incorporation Type: Provincial Non-Profit Society
Year Founded: 1999
Members: 25
Staff: No information available
Volunteers: No information available