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Big Lake Environment Support Society (BLESS)

Description: The primary purposes of the Society are to help protect the natural wildlife habitat in and surrounding Big Lake; to promote awareness of the beauty of the area and increase interest in the outdoors through educational activities, bird watching, and various other projects and functions; and to liaise when possible, with various officials, groups, organizations and land owners in order to maintain these purposes of the Society. The Objectives of the Society are: 1) To protect the physical and biotic integrity of Big Lake, including its banks,marshes and surrounding wetlands, and that portion of the Sturgeon River within the City of St Albert, Alberta, to prevent environmental damage to these areas; 2) To ensure the preservation of the character and biological diversity of Big Lake for educational, scientific and research purposes; 3) To encourage and promote nature-oriented recreational and educational activities; 4) To encourage, foster and develop among its members and the public a recognition of the importance of environmental conservation and responsible management of natural areas, such as Big Lake, with the least possible disruption when used by people, and 5) To work with governments at all levels to assist in the proper management of the areas described.
Activities: Direct activities Informal Education & Public Awareness Public Participation Research
Geographic Scope: Local
Charity Type: Charitable Organization
Incorporation Type: Provincial Non-Profit Society
Year Founded: 1991
Members: 40
Staff: 0
Volunteers: No information available