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Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association (WBRA)


The Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association (WBRA) is a non-profit organization focused on linking biodiversity conservation to sustainable human use of resources in the region of the Waterton Biosphere Reserve.Our vision: Waterton Biosphere Reserve (WBR) is a living demonstration of the value we place on our natural and cultural resources, our traditional livelihoods, and our commitment to work together as good stewards of the land we hope to pass on to future generations.Waterton Biosphere Reserve strives to achieve a sustainable balance between three primary goals: 1) Conserving biological diversity: to undertake activities that ensure no species or ecosystem disappears from the face of the earth. 2) Promoting sustainable use: to maintain cultural values and foster sustainable use by undertaking activities that meet the needs of the present, without compromising the needs of future, and 3) Logistic Support: to improve the capacity or capability of people and organizations to positively affect their communities and environment by supporting research, monitoring, education and information exchange related to issues of conservation and sustainable development.The objectives of the WBRA are:•To encourage a sustainable, community-based regional economy, with high quality biodiversity, landscape and social values.•To promote public awareness of resource management concerns facing residents of the Waterton Biosphere Reserve area.•To participate with area residents in developing projects to address local concerns.•To encourage cooperative resource management practices between private landowners and governments by providing a forum for the exchange of information.

Activities: Capacity Building Direct activities Informal Education & Public Awareness Network Development Public Participation
Geographic Scope: Regional
Charity Type: No charitable status
Incorporation Type: Provincial Non-Profit Society
Year Founded: 1979
Members: 30
Staff: 0
Volunteers: 30