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Alberta Wilderness Association ( AWA)


Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) is the oldest wilderness conservation group in Alberta dedicated to the completion of a protected areas network and the conservation of wilderness throughout the province. Founded in 1965 in rural southwest Alberta by backcountry enthusiasts, ranchers and outfitters, the AWA has grown into a province wide organization.

With more than five decades of success it is known for its tenacity, corporate memory and integrity. AWA is a non-profit, federally registered, charitable society. It has a provincial office and resource centre in Calgary and active members and volunteers throughout Alberta.

The staff of the Association includes professionals and specialists in management, conservation biology, economics, education, outreach, communications and accounting. AWA’s outreach work is achieved through communication, education, conservation and advocacy and is supported through volunteers, member and donor programs, fundraising through grants, campaigns, and events and a planned giving program.

AWA inspires communities to care.

Activities: Direct activities Informal Education & Public Awareness Litigation Mass advocacy Media advocacy Public Participation Research
Geographic Scope: Provincial
Charity Type: Charitable Organization
Incorporation Type: Provincial Non-Profit Society
Year Founded: 1965
Members: 7000
Staff: No information available
Volunteers: 200