Alberta ENGO Directory

A list of non-profit environmental organizations

Canadian Parks And Wilderness Society, Northern Alberta Chapter (CPAWS Northern Alberta)


CPAWS Northern Alberta aspires to an Alberta that embraces conservation and has a large protected wilderness network. We believe that Alberta's wilderness and wildlife should be protected so that current and future generations can continue to benefit from connecting to nature.We achieve conservation and legislated wilderness protection in Alberta through research, collaboration, and community outreach.We Value:

·           Wilderness, Conservation and Biodiversity

·           Collaboration

·           Community Engagement

·           Evidence-based Decision Making

·           Accountability

Activities: Informal Education & Public Awareness Mass advocacy Media advocacy Network Development Public Participation Research
Geographic Scope: Regional
Charity Type: Charitable Organization
Incorporation Type: Provincial Non-Profit Society
Year Founded: 1968
Members: 1000
Staff: 3
Volunteers: 40