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A list of non-profit environmental organizations



LICA is a community based partnership actively supporting a healthy and sustainable environment. To accomplish this we gather, share and act on information regarding development in our region.

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LLG exists to promote responsible planning, use, and protection of the rare and irreplaceable land and water resources between the Livingstone Range and the Porcupine Hills in South Western Alberta, Canada.


To limit...


Mewassin Community Council has a long history of action devoted to improving life in our community. We have provided our community with a strong voice with which to raise and address local issues , such as road safety, industrial development and land...

Medicine Hat

The Palliser Airshed Society (PAS) was established in the Spring of 2003 to monitor air quality in the Medicine Hat / Redcliff region.


Established in 1997 PAMZ is a non-profit group who is responsible to identify air quality concerns within the zone and to implement management strategies to address those concerns.

Grande Prairie

PAZA is a nonprofit, multi-stakeholder organization that conducts ambient air quality monitoring in northwestern Alberta. PAZA is an unbiased, open and transparent organi- zation, and our members collaborate to provide local solutions to local air...

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The Pembina Institute is an organization unlike any other working to protect Canada’s environment today. We combine the research and technical capacity of a think tank with the values and advocacy of an environmental non-governmental organization...

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St. Albert

Vision: Air quality and air emissions in Alberta and Canada are responsibly and comprehensively managed and have no adverse effects on human or animal health or the environment.

Mission: Through collaborative...