Alberta ENGO Directory

A list of non-profit environmental organizations



Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) is the oldest wilderness conservation group in Alberta dedicated to the completion of a protected areas network and the conservation of wilderness throughout the province. Founded in 1965 in rural southwest Alberta...

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Alberta's Living Laboratory Project is an interdisciplinary research program that is examining the best ways to restore wetlands in rural landscapes in Alberta. Our team includes biologists, hydrologists, economists and policy experts. We’re...

Antler Lake

The AntlerLakeSC is comprised of residents living on or near Antler Lake, Alberta. Its membership is volunteer-only and the members are committed to maintaining the health and sustainability of Antler Lake and its surrounding watershed.

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Vision: The Athabasca Watershed is healthy, diverse and dynamic

Mission: The Athabasca Watershed Council promotes, fosters respect for, and plans for an ecologically healthy watershed by demonstrating leadership...

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The Battle River Watershed Alliance (BRWA) is an inclusive, collaborative and consensus-based community partnership that is working to guide, support and deliver actions to sustain or improve the health of the Battle River watershed. We will seek to...

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The Beaver River Watershed Alliance is one of eleven Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) in Alberta.  WPACs are mandated by the Government of Alberta to carry out planning and education...

St. Albert
The primary purposes of the Society are to help protect the natural wildlife habitat in and surrounding Big Lake; to promote awareness of the beauty of the area and increase interest in the outdoors through educational activities, bird watching, and...
To aid Government staff to educate people of all ages about the importance of and stewardship of Alberta aquatic resources.