Alberta ENGO Directory

A list of non-profit environmental organizations



We support and encourage all stakeholders in the Elbow River Watershed to protect and enhance water quality and quantity. 

TSAG is a not-for-profit organization mandated by Alberta Chiefs to provide technical services and training to Alberta First Nations in the areas of water and wastewater management, information technology, fire prevention, asset management and...
The Foothills Research Institute (fRI) is a non-profit partnership-based organization that is a leader in providing innovative science to support decisions and policy development for land and resource management. Twenty years of progress in innovative...
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Friends of Fish Creek (The Friends)


Our mission is to protect, preserve and enhance the diverse natural and human heritage found in Fish Creek Provincial Park.

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Our mission is to take a leadership role in the preservation of the ecological integrity of Kananaskis Country, through educational programming, increased public awareness and leading by example. We are governed by a volunteer board of directors with a...

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Bon Accord

Our mission is to protect and save the Lily Lake ecosystem from construction of a secondary highway. Secondary Highway 651 would bisect the lake and destroy the integrity of the lake ecosystem. We focus on water issues and strive to have input into...

The Society’s objects are to enhance, preserve and protect the natural environment of “Little Beaver Lake” and surrounding lands and to build appreciation of this special environment and to demonstrate the appreciation by learning more and sharing what...
The Ghost Watershed Alliance Society (GWAS) is a group with the vision to preserve and enhance the integrity of the ecosystem in the Ghost Watershed in order to secure the optimum quality and yield of the area's surface and groundwater resources. The...
Medicine Hat

The Society of Grasslands Naturalists encourages the study, conservation and protection of all components of the natural world. Grasslands Naturalists provides educational opportunities, assists in the collection and provision of species data, acts as...