Alberta ENGO Directory

A list of non-profit environmental organizations



Our vision is to keep at least half of Canada's public land and water wild forever.

Southern Alberta’s wilderness contains a diversity of rich landscapes. From our picturesque prairie grasslands, rolling foothills, inspiring parklands...

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CPAWS Northern Alberta aspires to an Alberta that embraces conservation and has a large protected wilderness network. We believe that Alberta's wilderness and wildlife should be protected so that current and future generations can continue to...

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Fort Assiniboine

Our mission is to promote responsible land use planning and conservation of natural values for future generations.

Vision: Healthy, functioning riparian areas for the benefit of all. Mission: To promote the improvement of riparian areas, their ecological processes and functions, through a collaborative partnership and voluntary, proactive community-based action that...
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Drayton Valley

The Eagle Point - Blue Rapids Parks Council represents a unique partnership between the Government of Alberta and the local community, who work hand-in-hand on the planning, management and funding of the Eagle Point Provincial Park and Blue Rapids...

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Ecojustice uses the law to protect and restore the environment in Canada.
Ecojustice strives to be Canada's most respected, effective and courageous advocate on environmental legal issues...

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The Edmonton and Area Land Trust conserves local natural areas to benefit people, wildlife and the environment. All of our natural areas are open to the public to visit on foot, to connect with nature. We care for these areas, and spread awareness...

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The Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition advocates for conservation and restoration of Edmonton's NSRV and ravine system, through a systems-level focus on biodiversity, ecological integrity of the corridor, and history. This philosophy reflects...